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May I let go of anger;
May I let go of worry;
May I give thanks for my many blessings;
May I do my work honestly;
May I be kind to my neighbor and every living thing. 

What We’re All About Is Energizing People

Practicing Usui System of Reiki healing since 2002, with the focus on introducing people to the universal energy available to them. This practice is non-denominational, open to everyone and anyone. Reiki's greatest gift is inner peace. 

Clients also experience emotional, physical healing, stress reduction, and more focus on what's important to them and how to proceed to a more purposeful life. 

I practice reiki with intuition and at times have gotten thoughts, feelings, memories, and direct quotes from my client. With a emergency medicine, life skill coach, and paranormal investigator background,  I understand life is not all "smooth sailing" Adding coping skills to client's day to day tool box is a life calling. 

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